A World's Fair for Nihilists

The first World's Fair of Nihilism was held at the Lab in Downtown Los Angeles
on November 20, 21 and 22, 1999. The theme of the World's Fair was
The Future Without Rules

Nihilism Expo pavilions included "The Hall of Flag Burning," "The Wacky World of Belief," "Y2K Land," and "Nihilists From Many Lands." Other entertainment included the first Nihilist Film Festival, "Great Moments in American History" as depicted by LA's Love-Doll Theater, a nihilist cake walk, a ride which simulated the descent into hell, and a performance of the band, Noise Information.

Chairperson of the Nihilist Expo Organizing Committee, Elisha Shapiro, said, "It's just around the corner...the Nihilist Millennium. We're celebrating the disintegration of order, reason and rules. I just hope we're not too late."

The Pavilion of Flag Burning celebrated the joy of desecrating the American flag, and also celebrates the Republicans who sponsor the flag burning amendment every year.
Y2K Land
Imagine walking into the office of a computer worker as the clock strikes midnight on December 31, 1999. Computers crash, aircrafts crash, and pacemakers explode. Happy New Year.
The Wacky World of Belief
People belief the most idiotic things. For nihilists, this is a source entertainment. This pavilion samples just a few such convictions. To see the beliefs celebrated in this pavilion, just click on the picture.
Star Tours at Disneyland, Back to the Future at Universal studios, and now The Descent into Hell at Nihilism Expo. The high tech simulator ride is the entertainment of the future. While our ride didn't cost millions of dollars, it was just as fun and scary as those that did.

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