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We are sorry that Nihilists' Corner and Lunatic Fringe are no longer being produced. After the cable companies stopped providing studio time and production help and access to their audience, we were unable to continue. We are now thinking about producing a podcast of some kind. If you want to help with such a project, please get in touch.

Occassionally, I'll post an old show or two for your entertainment.

The episode of Lunatic Fringe
from November 2008

The episode of Lunatic Fringe
from September 2008

The episode of Lunatic Fringe
from August 2008

The episode of Lunatic Fringe
from July 2008

See Elisha's stand-up performance
at the comedy store on August 1, 2007

Elisha tries standup for the first time
at the Comedy Store on March 22, 2006.

And click here to see his second performance from
February 6, 2007 at the Comedy Store


The Dark Bob comes on Nihilists' Corner
and chats with Elisha about his new CD
His collaborator, Andy Dick, shows up also.

Check out the new campaign video
for Elisha's campaign for Governor.

The great Kim Shattuck, of the Muffs,
chats with Elisha
on Nihilists' Corner

She also shows a couple of cool music videos.

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