Nihilist Contest


Just put this cool new bumper sticker on my car, and this guy shouted out, "Why do you think religion sucks?"
It wasn't a question for which I had a clear, pithy response. So I want visitors to this page to submit responses.
I will post them on this page for your amusement. Eventually, I will select the response I will use,
and I will send a 2014 Nihilism Calendar, with the above bumper sticker, to the genius who submitted it.

Submit your suggestions to

so far, these are the responses:

(Because) it gives the wrong people the wrong ideas


I don't like it when people use 'Sucks' as a pejorative term. When someone sucks on me, I usually enjoy it.
Other than that, I agree.

Maybe you could have said:
1. "Oh, I didn't mean YOUR religion. I meant all of those false religions."
2. "I didn't mean religion in general, only your religion."
3. "The question is moot."
4. ""The very idea of feeding a collection plate so that some else can relax while they define your personal spiritual feelings is abhorrent." doesn't lend itself to a sticker."
5. "Those damn kids at the mall!"
6. "God/Jesus/Mohammed/Buddha/Krishna gave it to me."
7. "This is my brother's car."


Was just checking your website and my response to your ”Religion Sucks” contest is;

1) Nazism/Nationalism was a religion, and we all know what happened there…
2) It has killed more people than all wars put together
3) That Religion was meant to sell vacuum cleaners

Keep them coming