The November 2006 Write-In results
were finally available on December 16

Shortly thereafter, the campaign issued the following statement:

The results are in, and unfortunately, they aren’t all we were hoping for. Apparently, 36 Californians wrote-in Shapiro for Governor. Between the lethargy of many nihilist voters and the break-down of the massive nihilist get-out-the-vote van service, I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised. But the campaign was so much fun, and produced more press than most 3rd party candidates.
I appreciate all your support, and on to the next project…
Concedingly Yours,


The following are comments from some Nihilist Party supporters:

You were robbed, man!

Actually, I'm thinking a recount is in order.

What fools those other mortals be!

This is BULLSHIT. I know for a fact I voted for you 27 times and I'm not even a resident of California. Something deosn'y add up here. If I were you I would demand another recount and keep demanding recounts until we get the results we want! That's what democracy is all about, my friend.

Governor Shapiro
The will of the electorate was altered. A coup is required to re-establsh rule by the Nihilist Proletariat. The workers army stands ready to cancel the efforts of big business and Boorjwahh latte-sipping media moguls. I, of course, am humbly waiting to be appointed Minister of Defense and Internal Security.
Viva la Revolution

Dear Elisha,
I'm glad to be one of the hardy band who fought the good fight. Where are the bumper stickers that say "Don't blame me--I voted for Shapiro!"....?

Well, you were brave to run! And, considering the nature of Nihilism,
you might consider 36 votes to be a tremendous success. (Or not.)

Did one of those votes come from a precinct in Mt. Washington. I am not sure that I did all the right things when I wrote in your name!!

Thanks, you are still our hero

It was a damn good run...i caught “news” of it several times and WHO COULDA MISSED THE LA TIMES ARTICLE!!!
Like you said, it’s the “nihilist voters”...they can’t be depended on.

Hey, on a dollar per vote basis, you kicked Angelides' butt.


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